Gaston County Police Department - Gaston County State Trooper.

Livingston, New Jersey 0 comments

Last month, May 09, I was just leaving the library in Gaston County and was driving on U.S. 74 east to Redbud Street onto I-85 N.

While I was on the exit ramp to merge into traffic, I noticed a SUV flying in the far left lane heading N-85. While I merged into traffic going at least 45 mph, I got into the far left lane and was going 60 to 65 mph. Within less than 30 seconds a state trooper pulls me over and said he clocked me going at 81 miles over the speed limit. I knew that was lie.

I told the officer I was not speeding. He reduced the speed to 75 in a 60 mile zone. Well, I went to see the district atty the next day and he dropped the speeding ticket. However, I still had to pay $136.00.

All I am saying: this officer knew he was lying.

All he was thinking was getting his brownie pts for the month. And trying to ruining someone's car insurance.

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